Eco-friendly well optimization for oil, gas and geothermal markets


Patented rotary jet application

Operate to a depth of 4.000 meter.

See how it works: simple operation with one truck


Number 1 in ecofriendly well stimulation

Radial Drilling Europe is dedicated in turning around underperforming assets in  geothermal-, oil- and gas markets with help of ecofriendly jetting and micro-drilling technologies. The heart of the approach is a combination of the best international jetting expertise of our partner and sister company Radial Drilling Services Inc and local service providers and research institutes.

Well enhancement for geothermal, oil and gas industry

Underperforming wells is a risk which is part of operating oil-, gas- and geothermal wells. The dropp in production may have different causes. Unlucky operators have this trouble from day one, others have to deal with a dropp in production in time.

A chemical flushing may help and is cost effective. In case the trouble is caused deeper in the reservoir, chemical stimulation may not help sufficient.

Fracking or drilling a sitetrack are helpfull options but quite expensive and not always possible.

Our solutions consist of a small workover truck and one trailer. On the trailer all stimulation equipment is installed such as a high pressure pump, a powerpack, a toolcontainer and a coiledtubing reel.

In 10 days, the well is prepared, systems mobilized, well stimulated and systems demobilized. During operation sophisticated accoustic sensors in combination with process data and machine learning algorithm the right combination of water pressure, load on tool, rate of penetration, moment of tool change is determined. The result is 4 laterals of upto 100 meter any desired direction on a depth of 0,5 meter accurancy! The effect of the operation can be increased by a small chemical wash of the created laterals.

In the EU one trailer and a team of local independent service providers is ready to do the job. Jetting specialist are brought into the EU from any place in the world thanks to our contacts with radial drilling services Inc.

The technology is proven in more than 2000 wells worldwide in oil and water injection wells. We are part of several national and EU programs to transfer this technology to geothermal markets. At the moment temperature stress and lack of core samples create some set back but with a demonstration in february 2022 we are convinced that a solution has been found to deal with the typical geothermal events.

Operational limits


Temperature up to 150 degrees


Depth between 200 to 4000 meter


Reservoir, Sandstone and limestone

Comparing alternatives radial jetting

Needs less space
Cost effective
Almost or no chemicals at all (depending on reservoir)

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Laterals jetted


Wells worked over


Countries operated

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